1. Pack light – Only bring essentials and leave room to bring back souvenirs.
2. Bring a comfortable pair of shoes – You will be walking a lot, so make sure your feet are comfortable!
3. Use packing cubes – These can help keep your luggage organized.
4. Don’t skimp on travel insurance – Ensure you’re covered in case of emergencies.
5. Research accommodations ahead of time – Check prices and read reviews before booking.
6. Look for free or cheap activities – Many destinations have free museums, walking tours, and other activities.
7. Use local transportation – Avoid taxis and use public transportation, biking, or walking instead.
8. Bring a universal adapter – Ensure that your electronics will work in different countries.
9. Keep a budget – Plan ahead and keep track of your expenses to avoid overspending.
10. Stay in one place for a while – Consider renting an apartment or staying in a homestay to save money and get a more local experience.