With respective legislation changing and the market expanding, the landscape of cannabis availability has transformed significantly over the past few years. Whether you are a seasoned aficionado or a first-time buyer, understanding the price structures of various cannabis products is crucial. But where can you find the best deals without compromising on quality or legality? This comprehensive guide breaks down the nuances of purchasing cannabis from online dispensary and how to ensure you’re getting the most competitive price.

Researching the Right Dispensary

The first step to bagging a good deal is knowing where to look. Before making a purchase, it’s important to assess the dispensary’s reputation, product quality, customer service, and of course, their pricing. Many platforms exist to crowdsource dispensary recommendations and reviews, which can be invaluable tools for customers looking to make an informed choice. Look for online dispensaries that:

  • Offer a wide variety of products, catering to different needs and tastes
  • Regularly update their inventory with new strains and products
  • Have transparent pricing and clear information on any additional costs, such as taxes or shipping fees
  • Provide customer rewards, discounts for new customers, or bulk purchase deals
  • Have a strong customer service team that can offer helpful advice on products and usage

When you’ve compiled a list of trusted dispensaries, it’s time to compare prices. Don’t be swayed by the lowest price alone; ensure that the product has been lab tested, and consider the sales policies such as return or exchange options before finalizing your choice.

Understanding Price Discrepancies

The prices for cannabis products can vary widely, and understanding why can help you save significantly. Several factors contribute to these price discrepancies, including:

  • Quality: Higher quality cannabis will generally be priced higher. Look for descriptors like premium or top-shelf to indicate better quality products.
  • Type of Strain: Some strains are rarer or harder to grow, leading to increased prices. Similarly, award-winning strains or those with high THC or CBD content may cost more.
  • Form of Product: Concentrates and edibles are often more expensive due to the additional processing and higher potency.
  • Location: Just as with real estate, location plays a role. If you’re purchasing from a dispensary situated in an area with higher taxes or a more expensive living cost, you might notice a higher price tag.

Understanding what you’re paying for can help you prioritize which factors are most important to you and which you can compromise on.

Maximizing Savings

Online dispensaries often have promotions, sales, and loyalty programs that savvy customers can take advantage of. Some strategies for maximizing your savings include:

  • Signing up for newsletters or following the dispensary’s social media for updates on promotions or special offers.
  • Taking advantage of first-time purchase discounts, which are common in the industry.
  • Ordering during sales events like 4/20 or Black Friday.
  • Joining loyalty programs or referral schemes.
  • Purchasing in bulk, if the shelf life of the product allows it.

By staying updated with various promotions and loyalty programs, you can ensure you’re always getting the best price for the products you love.


The world of online cannabis dispensaries is filled with choices, and while it’s critical to find competitive prices, quality should always be the highest concern. By researching the right dispensary, understanding what goes into pricing, and optimizing your savings, you can find an online dispensary that offers premium products at a reasonable cost.

Shopping for cannabis shouldn’t feel daunting; it should be an enjoyable and educational experience. With the right approach, you’ll find that perfect balance of quality and affordability that enhances not just your experience with cannabis, but also your overall well-being.