The popularity of Lady M has been spreading among Asian foodies by its high quality taste & also appearance of their handmade cakes creating from the finest ingredient. With the original from New York, now introducing through their boutiques in Singapore, Hong Kong, Taipei, Shanghai & Hangzhou.

Visited one of their boutiques in Hong Kong, locating in the Fashion Walk zone of Causeway Bay among other cozy restaurants & cafes for chilling both during the day & night. The suggestion to avoid the prime dining time must be given since both local foodies & tourists would not hesitate to queue up even before their opening hours. Visiting in the afternoon would be a good choice for getting a rest after long shopping while enjoying their pastry.


To Eat:
Signature Mille Crêpes ”  (68HKD) 

This is a must try for every sweet tooth!!! This is one of the best Mille Crêpe. Only one bite can perfectly proof the reason why I have to recommend. The handmade crepe layers alternated by the light vanilla pastry cream & caramelized the top till golden. The softness of each paper-thin layer & the lightness of the cream create heavenly pleasant melt-in-mouth moment. This is how it becomes the signature menu of Lady M. Really cannot resist the softly melting in mouth sensation. You are really gonna fall for this one.


Salted Caramel Mille Crêpes ” – Hong Kong Exclusive (75HKD)

This Salted Caramel Mille Crêpes is the Hong Kong exclusive flavor of Lady M Mille Crêpes. Thin handmade chocolate flavored crepes are lying in between with the salted caramel pastry cream. Delicately form up layer by layer until become a beautiful brown cake. Glazing the top with the salted caramel buttery glaze & the size with the crunchy cacao nibs. As the crepe layer is being added by chocolate, it somehow affects the softness of the crepe. Gonna say it is relatively harder comparing with the signature one. But would not deny that the salted caramel taste of it is really worth falling for.


Chocolate Mille Crêpes ”  (75HKD)

As I am a chocolate lover, I really would not miss to try their signature menu in my favorite flavor. The over 20 thin handmade crepe layers with the chocolate pastry cream gently lying in between each layer topped with the shaved milk chocolate pieces. Have to admit the crepe layer is really thin, but it gets the same effect as the cocoa powder is added. A more intense texture affects the softness. Make it harder to cut it by fork as usually do with other cakes. From its color, it looks like dark chocolate, but in fact, the taste is more like milk chocolate, thus make it is little too sweet. Good to enjoy with the tea & coffee to balance the sweetness of overall.


Green Tea Checkers ” (68HKD)

Another recommended piece of Lady M. Really like the beauty of this piece of cake. The green color of green tea & the brown color of dark chocolate intricately woven with the white whipped cream to form the green-and-brown checkerboard. Before glaze the whole cake with the green tea flavored white chocolate ganache. The green & brown sponge cake is nicely soft, surrounding with white fluffy cream. Really love this kind of sensation, especially to come with the rich matcha taste of the ganache outside. Awesome creation of Lady M.


Crispy Avocado Chips ” (68HKD)

Not only available with the sweet selections, also with the appetizers & main dishes. Thick pieces of avocado wedges are fried till turned yellow golden while perfectly remained inside with the softness of avocado. Coating the crispiness outside with the cheesiness of the parmesan crumbs. Only the first bite has given me a full sensation of deliciousness. Crispy, soft, then slowly melted after a little chew. Add an extra taste with paprika mayonnaise served together, little spicy creamy dipping. Hmmmm~ This is yummyyyyyyy!


Truffled Omelette Rolls ” 68HKD

Mozzarella cheese & soft tofu are both wrapped up with the truffled omelette. The softness of both the airy warm omelette & tofu in the middle, together with the little chewiness of the cheese create a really pleasant sensation. Also, with the little crunchiness of paprika chips & little sourness from balsamic pearls decorating on the top. Good to enjoy this moment with a cup of fruit tea.


To Drink:

Would not it be an even better relaxation to accompany your dessert enjoyment with their crafted drink selections?

Mallow Hot Chocolate ”  (58HKD)

Hot chocolate with marshmallow is always the my favorite beverage of all. Their little sweet hot chocolate is really rich of chocolate taste. Floating on the surface with the flower shaped marshmallow. The heat of the hot chocolate has nicely melted the marshmallow & make it become partially melt. Love the moment of take a sip of hot chocolate with the little chewiness of the melted marshmallow. Nice to have it accompanying my delightful moment. Always been reminded of the childhood memory when the winter comes.


Iced French Rose Tea Latte ”  (68HKD)

Rose tea or rose bud tea is well-known as a nutritious tea with therapeutic essentials for immune system & sleep cycle, especially in easing menstrual pains. This drink is perfectly filled with the nice rose aroma. Nice rose tea taste, with perfect ratio of milk & soft milk foam. Tastes equally good for both hot & iced.


Iced Yuzu Lemonade ”  (58HKD)

If you are not a fan of dairy drink or looking for the refreshing one, this is my recommendation for you. The clear color of refreshing lemonade with the perfect sour taste & nice sweetness contributed by the orange yuzu lying underneath. Not only filled in with the yuzu juices, but also the yuzu peel, which adding the additional little chewiness to the drink.


These are only some of the deliciousness of Lady M. There are much more waiting for you to experience the memorable relaxing moment. Stop by when you have a chance & feel free to feed us back your experience on our comment. We would be more than happy to here back from you guys, foodies!!!

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