Something White, Something Pink, Something More Than Awesome

Pink Champagne Strawberry Sphere, Melting the Deliciousness to Reveal the Hidden Secret inside


” Pink Champagne Strawberry Sphere “⚪🍓🍰
💰 : 145baht
📍 : The Mandarin Oriental Shop
🏦 : G/F Siam Paragon, Rama I Road, Pathumwan, Bangkok
🕙 : Everyday 10:00-21:00
🚈 : Siam station Exit 4
🚗 : ✔
Wondering what is hidden inside this white ball??? I did question myself the same when I first saw it too. Some clues are given from the name above😁 To reveal the secret deliciousness hidden inside, let’s hand this to the hot strawberry agar sauce served together🍓😆 The pink champagne sabayon stands beautifully inside the white chocolate ball. “Sabayon” is an Italian style of mousse dessert making by whisked eggs, sugar & wine over the gently boiling water. In the case of this dessert, the champagne is chosen. The pink mousse is so soft & fluffy, which basically melt in month, with light champagne taste. Since the strawberry sauce is partially poured on the mousse, the sweet & little sour taste of strawberry go perfectly with the champagne taste. Topped above with the mini stone-like brown candies, they are the popping candy we all used to try when we were kids, which you can feel the little explosion in your mouth when started to melt. Still remember that childhood feeling, right?😁 Hidden inside the mousse cake are the strawberry & peach pieces juiced by the strawberry & passion fruit sauce lying on vanilla sponge cake base. As having the champagne mousse with the strawberry agar sauce, provided the taste of sweet strawberry champagne. Once have it with the fruit hidden inside, it will be more outstanding on sour of passion fruit. Last is to try the partial melt white chocolate ball. Personally don’t like the white chocolate at all, but when it comes together with the little sour strawberry sauce. Oh~ not a too sweet taste of white chocolate any more. Probably because their white chocolate is not too sweet also. Really lot of excitement in every bite of enjoying this Pink Champagne Strawberry Sphere. Wanna check it out by yourself? Take a visit at The Mandarin Oriental Shop😊


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